Recent Projects

When Experience Matters

Below is a sampling of the many successful diverse projects that Maritime Alliance Group has worked on.

Wet Cement in Bulk

Vessel: M/V Thor Infinity

Incident: Managed and coordinated the ship discharge of wet and hardened cement in bulk for the vessel owner/P&I Club.


Capsize/Oil Spill New Brunswick, GA

Vessel: M/V Golden Ray

Incident: Headed up the ICS for the oil/spill salvage operations.


Oil Spill Staten Island, NY

Vessel: M/T Dublin Express

Incident: 100,000 gallon spill and cleanup.


Oil Spill Response

Vessel: USS North Carolina

Incident: Coordinated spill response on historic ship following Hurricane Florence


Hurricane Response

Incident: Coordinated Pollution Response from Hurricane Maria for 14 Commercial vessels in US Virgin Islands


Pipeline Oil Spill

Vessel: PSE&G/Con-Ed Dielectric spill

Incident: PSE&G/Con-Ed Dielectric spill Incident: Response Management for Property Owner in Jersey City, NJ


Collision/Oil Spill

Vessel: Kirby Inland Marine

Incident: Represented Underwriters at 168,000 Oil Gallon Spill in Galveston, TX


Heavy Weather Damage

Vessel: M/V Suez Canal Bridge

Incident: Surveyed damages to the vessel and damages/loss of 100 containers on behalf of attorneys for vessel owner.


Chemical Spill

Vessel: Stolt Terminal

Incident: Managed the cleanup of a multi tank terminal chemical spill.


Oil Spill Staten Island, NY

Vessel: T/B Boston 30

Incident: 20,000 gallon No. 6 Fuel Oil spill and cleanup.


Superstorm Sandy

Incident: Responded to over 150 claims.


Explosion/Spill Response

Vessel: M/V Deepwater Horizon

Incident: Spill of National Significance.


Collision/Oil Spill New Orleans,

Vessel: T/B DM-932

Incident: 460,000 gallons No. 6 fuel oils spill that lasted 3 months.


Vessel De-fueling Tampico, Mexico

Vessel: M/V Ocean Leader

Incident: 101,000 gallons of fuel removed from inverted vessel in 170’ of water.


Grouding/Oil Spill Alaska

Vessel: M/V Selendang Ayu

Incident: 2nd largest oil spill in Alaska history.


PREP Drill Linden, New Jersey

Vessel: ConocoPhillips

Incident: Developed and implemented an industry led PREP Drill involving over 400 people.


Capsizing/Oil Spill Albany, New York

Vessel: M/V Stellamore

Incident: Headed up the ICS for the oil/spill salvage operations.


Fire and Explosion Staten Island, New York

Vessel: T/B B 125

Incident: Barge explosion at Port Mobil.


Oil Spill Buzzards Bays, Massachusetts

Vessel: T/B B 120

Incident: 80,000 gallon No. 6 Fuel Oil spill and cleanup.


Chemical Spill Baltimore, Maryland

Vessel: T/B Pequeco

Incident: Chemical barge sinking in C&D Canal.


Oil Spill Boston, Massachusetts

Vessel: M/T Posavina

Incident: 64,000 gallon HFO spill in Chelsea River and cleanup.


Oil Spill Newport, Rhode Island

Vessel: T/B Penn 460

Incident: 14,000 gallon No. 6 Fuel Oil spill and cleanup.


Pipeline Spill Chalk Point, Maryland

Vessel: PEPCO

Incident: 126,000 gallon No. 6 Fuel Oil Spill and cleanup.


Oil Spill Baltimore, Maryland

Vessel: M/T Lircay

Incident: 54,000 gallon I.F.O. spill and cleanup.


Oil Spill Portland, Maine

Vessel: M/T Julie N

Incident: 164,000 gallon spill and cleanup.


Oil Spill Delaware Bay

Vessel: M/T Anitra

Incident: Oil spill and cleanup of 92 miles of sand resort beaches.


Oil Spill Rhode Island

Vessel: T/B North Cape

Incident: Stranding and 500,000 gallon No. 2 Fuel Oil spill.


Oil Spill San Juan, Puerto Rico

Vessel: T/B Morris J. Berman

Incident: Stranding and 900,000 gallon No. 6 Fuel Oil spill.


Collision and Oil Spill Tampa, Florida

Vessel: T/B B-155

Incident: Collision and 700,00 gallon No. 6 Fuel Oil spill.


Chemical Spill New Jersey

Vessel: M/T Santa Clara

Incident: Arsenic Trioxide containers lost overboard.


Fire and Explosion Galveston, Texas

Vessel: M/T OMI Charger

Incident: Grounding, fire and explosion


Grounding and Oil Spill Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Vessel: M/V Queen Elizabeth II

Incident: Grounding and oil spill.


Collision and Oil Spill Galveston, Texas

Vessel: M/V Chandy N/Apex

Incident: Collision and oil spill of 750,000 gallons of Catalytic Feedstock.


Explosion, Fire, and Oil Spill Arthur Kill, New Jersey

Vessel: T/B Cibro Savannah

Incident: Explosion, fire, and oil spill of 300,000 gallons.


Grounding and Oil Spill Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Vessel: M/V Bermuda Star

Incident: Grounding and oil spill.


Grounding and Oil Spill New York Harbor

Vessel: M/T BT Nautilus

Incident: Grounding and oil spill of 100,000 gallons of No. 6 Fuel Oil.


Allision and Oil Spill Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

Vessel: M/T Presidente Rivera

Incident: 210,000 gallon oil spill of No. 6 Fuel Oil.


Collision and Oil Spill Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vessel: M/V Intermar Alliance

Incident: Collision and oil spill 336,000 gallons of Ninian Crude.


Grounding and Oil Spill New York Harbor

Vessel: T/B Texaco 803

Incident: Grounding and oil spill of 303,000 gallons of No. 2 Fuel Oil.




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  • "On behalf of Bay Towing Corporation, we would like to extend to you our sincere thanks for the highly professional and effective assistance you provided during the recent salvage operation of the tug Bay Titan."
    John C. Robbins, III
    Bay Towing Corporation
  • "On behalf of the people of eastern Rhode Island, I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication in seeing the cleanup process through. The oil spill was an unfortunate occurrence, but the process that followed is serving as a model of how successful relief efforts should be run."
    Patrick J. Kennedy
    Member of Congress
  • "We were all very pleased with your performance. You responded quickly and effectively to the incident. The assistance that you provided was very professional and helped to reduce the concerns that the Coast Guard and ship personnel had."
    William Boehm
    DP Cunard Lines Limited
  • "Your spill management team was invaluable in the organization and implementation of the entire response. We were particularly impressed with your fine working relationship with the federal and state responders, who seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief on learning of your involvement."
    Thomas G. Gaither
    The Vane Brothers Company
  • "I would like to thank the oil spill team with their performance last week during the Prep Drill. I thought everyone did an exceptional job while dealing with a difficult scenario. This is by far the biggest drill that I have been involved with. We had a full blown equipment deployment that included fire, heavy rescue, oil spill and security equipment. We utilized the IAP software and produced an accepted Incident Action Plan the first day."
    Jerry Woerner
    Bayway Refinery
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